Wheel workshop

The wheel shop of the LLP "Prommashkomplekt" equipped with the most modern equipment from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine. The plant has a production the possibility of producing wheels from 800 to 1250 mm. in diameter, which comply with international and domestic standards. Basic assortment of LLP "Prommashkomplekt" - wheels with a diameter of 957 mm according to GOST 10791-2011.

In the wheel shop of the LLP "Prommashkomplekt" set main process equipment:

1.Automatic line for machining railway wheels. Consists of vertical lathes, gantry manipulator for the transport of wheels and workpieces, the system of training of the coolant. The line is controlled by an automatic system. Manufacturer company NILES SIMONS Hegenscheidt(Germany)

2.Installing the blasting wheels. Consists of camera with shot blast wheels, cargo system for loading and unloading of wheels, systems of purification fractions. Manufacturer company ATESO(Czech Republic).

3.Line non-destructive testing. Consists of the installation of wheel washing, installation of ultrasonic testing, installation, magnetic particle inspection, installation, measurement of hardness, the installation of the measuring geometry of the manipulator for the transportation of wheels. Production company Starmans (Czech Republic).

4.Lathe for turning SKE16 repair for repair and machining of wheels. Production company "the Toshulin" (Slovakia).

5.Balancing complex. Production company "Diamekh" (RF).

6.Accessories. It ensures the implementation of the technological process (electromotive cranes, automated transport system to supply the finished wheels, truecommerce, etc.)

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